Sunday, November 29, 2015

Paid Osteopathy Education

Laid Off? Working less than 20 hours per week?

Ontario (Canada) Second Career funding offers up to $28,000 in non-payable grant to study manual osteopathy at National Academy of Osteopathy. NAO offers a yearlong diploma program in manual osteopathy which is eligible for this government program.

Second Career Strategy is a provincial program founded by the Ministry of Training, Colleges & Universities of Ontario (Canada) that is designed to offer financial support for tuition and other costs towards training in careers such as manual osteopathy.

Due to the downturn in the manufacturing sector and other sectors of the labor market in this province, the government has allocated significant amounts of resources (over $1.5 billion since 2008. Honorable Dr Reza Moridi, the Ontario Minister of Training, Colleges & Universities has announced an increased in this budget) to assist affected individuals to re-train for other highly skilled jobs, and careers, such as those found in manual osteopathy, through career training.

If you qualify, government assistance will provide funding towards your college tuition, cost of living during your education, books, transportation, & daycare for your children.

To find out if you qualify please contact the applicable government center. Before you apply you need a letter from National Academy of Osteopathy outlining the program information. Contact our admissions office at to ask for the letter to apply for “Second Career Training Strategy”.

This program is evaluated on individual basis. The government (not NAO) decides who receives this grant. We have no control over the selection process.

Recently laid-off workers can participate in the Second Career Strategy, including those who are eligible for Employment Insurance and those who are not.

Please contact your local Employment Ontario office to discuss your options. Call the toll-free Employment Ontario hotline at 1-800-387-5656, TTY (telephone service for the deaf) 1-866-533-6339 for more information about how to access the Second Career Strategy in your area. Newcomers to Ontario can ask for this information in the language of their choice. 

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Manual Osteopathy Insurance Coverage

Not all Canadians know that they are eligible to purchase extended health plans directly from insurers (not from work) that cover medications, glasses, dental work and manual osteopathic treatments among many other benefits. Depending on the insurer and policy, monthly payment range from $20 to $150.

National Academy of Osteopathy (Canada) graduates who practice in Canada should have print outs ready for patients without insurance coverage that would give them information about different insurers, different plans and insurance contact information.

It is a win-win situation, both for the patient as well as the osteopathic manual practitioner. Almost 99% of insurers in Canada cover the cost of treatments provided by our graduates who are members of the Society of Osteopaths of Canada, Ontario Osteopathic & Alternative Medicine Association, National Manual Osteopathic Society, and other associations.

When your patients purchase private health insurance they will not have to pay out of pocket for your treatments. It is a benefit for them as well as you.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Toronto Economy Ranked World’s Best For Youth

Toronto offers the best economic environment for young people among 35 global cities, according to a study (commissioned by the New York based Citi Foundation) published today in the Toronto Star.

National Academy of Osteopathy is proud to be one of the academic institutions that provide rewarding careers for the Young people of Toronto. 

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Online vs Campus Based Osteopathy Programs

Why online osteopathic education is better?

A recent research on hands on skill learning indicates that in the long term online students learn better techniques than those enrolled in a campus based program.

The research done recently in USA compared two sets of students learning a manual skill, one set in a class and another from an online video.  

The results indicated that in the same day, after watching the skill being taught online vs live in the classroom, those classroom students learned the skill better. However after one week, the online students performed the skill clearly better than the campus students. 

The conclusion the researchers made is that the campus based students learn from an instructor and then rely on memory to perform the skill task every day. While the online students get to watch the instructor everyday and this makes their skill set closer to what the instructor teaches.

So in the short term (the same day) campus based education is better. However in the long term online students perform better techniques.

At National Academy of Osteopathy even our campus based students have access to our online manual osteopathy lecture videos. That is one reason why NAO graduates are so masterful in performing osteopathic techniques. 

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Tuition Increase

Tuition Increase

The tuition and applicable fees charged by National Academy of Osteopathy and National University of Medical Sciences will increase for the September 2016 term. The February 2016 class tuition remains at the current tuition.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Osteopathy has Higher Insurance Coverage per Visit

A massage I just received from my little sister, Dr Matin Pourgol, JD (a lawyer in Ontario, Canada):

“Just called Great West Life to review my benefit coverage plan details and was told chiro sessions are paid to a maximum of $65/hour, massage $95/hr, physio $100/hr, and OSTEOPATHY $110/hr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thought you'd be thrilled to know! :)

Manual osteopathy has now higher insurance limit than most other health care services. This is directly related to the amazing service provided by manual osteopaths that make the profession the number one choice of Canadian patients for chronic musculoskeletal pain management. 

Thanks to all manual osteopaths who make me so proud. 

Dr Shahin Pourgol, MBA, DC, DO, PhD
National Academy of Osteopathy
National University of Medical Sciences

PS. Matin regularly sees my student, Nazanin Eshgh, DOMP for osteopathic treatments at her Richmond Hill clinic. She used to have chiropractic & massage treatments regularly. However after the first treatment by Nazanin she now only sees her. 

Monday, November 16, 2015

Video: NAO Students Practicing TMJ Techniques

National Academy of Osteopathy students practicing osteopathy TMJ techniques at the York University Heights campus in Toronto.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Remembrance Day Poem by NAO Student

Remembrance Day Poem by NAO Student:

Remembrance Day 2015

A poem

On the eleventh day
at the eleventh hour
in the month of November,
Manual Osteopathy students
of National Academy of Osteopathy
rise up together and bow our heads
in remembrance of the armed forces
of Canada and other Nations,
who died fighting for their countries
in foreign lands, in enemy hands.
Footage of world wars I and II
salvaged on film, unravels the carnage
of the dark hours.
Eerie images of metal monsters
rolling slowly on caterpillar wheels
writing the destiny of the soldiers
on the muddy terrain
of the unforgiving war lands.
Fathers, husbands, uncles and brothers
rush together bound by duty
against the formidable enemy lines.
Their lives ending prematurely
from the deadly kiss of bullets,
heavy rain of mortar shells
and ear splitting missile fires,
far away from the warmth of home
and the embrace of their loved ones.
Chrome coloured army tanks
belch thick black plumes of smoke
creating velvety black quantum roses
to bloom randomly
and vanish like a vision,
into the surrounding grey.
The assassination
of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
becomes the probable flick of the finger
that collapsed the stack of cards
as one war is followed by another.
First the battle of Tannenberg,
then, the battle of Marne
followed by the first battle of Ypres,
Verdun and Somme
and the cards keep falling.
Zeppelin airships
and German Gotha bombers
creating the reign of terror in the skies.
D–47 Dakotas, Hawker Hurricanes,
Avro Lancasters, Mustang aircrafts
and Handley Page Halifax heavy bombers
in flight and also falling like injured birds.
Soldiers choking from poison gases.
Last meals eaten hastily on sea vessels,
on choppy waters before their last war.
Serpentine trenches studded with the fallen
superimposes the sadness that lingers.
And the souls of the brave soldiers
sprout out of the disturbed earth,
as bright red poppies
dancing jubilantly in the wind.
We remember the past battle of Normandy
and the modern war of today.
Overcome with emotion,
I clench the artificial poppy on my jacket.
The pin pricks my thumb
and blood runs down my wrist.
I pray that George Leroux’s L’Enfer
will remain a thing of the past
and peace would follow in the future
like a flowing river.

Written by – Dr. Chris Vincent, MBBS (National Academy of Osteopathy student, Toronto Class of Sept 2015)

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Ontario Minister Writes to NAO

A Letter from a Cabinet Minister to NAO

………….The Academy trains people in a specific skill that is not readily available elsewhere. By doing so, you allow your students to pursue their dreams, enjoying rewarding careers and contribute to the well-being of the people of Ontario…………….

Excerpt from a letter by Honorable Dr Reza Moridi, PhD, MPP, the Minister of Training, Colleges & Universities of Ontario mailed to National Academy of Osteopathy (Toronto, 2015) 

Saturday, November 7, 2015

$15,000 in Loans Available to NAO Graduates

National Academy of Osteopathy graduates of the diploma in osteopathic manual practice (DOMP) program, 18 to 34 years old who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents are eligible to apply for business development loans of up to $15,000 (at prime posted by CIBC plus 3% interest rate) under the Futurpreneur Canada program of the Canadian government.

You must have already been graduated as a manual osteopath and have already opened your own private osteopathy clinic. Your clinic must be less than one year old and you have to agree to work with a mentor for up to 2 years and prepare a business plan.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Ontario Minister Invites NAO Students

You Are All Invited!
Honorable Dr Reza Moridi, PhD, MPP the Ontario minister of training, colleges & universities has invited the students & faculty of National Academy of Osteopathy & National University of Medical Sciences to the Remembrance Day Ceremony that will take place in Richmond Hill, Ontario (Canada) (Yonge Street, 300 meters north of Major Mackenzie Dr) on Sunday November 8, at 10AM.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

$60,000 in Grants Available to NAO Graduates

Canadian National Academy of Osteopathy (NAO) graduates who are between 18 and 29 years old and reside in Ontario are eligible to apply for up to $60,000 in non-payable grant, and those who are 30 years old and over are eligible to apply for up to $30,000 under the Smart Start Seed Fund from the Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE). 

The money must go to start up costs of your osteopathy clinic and is non-payable (this is a grant, not a loan). Each grant comes with its own criteria and rules, but they all require that a start-up osteopathy clinic be endorsed and that the cash investment be matched by a third, non-government source (such as the manual osteopath). Your clinic must be located in Ontario, and be incorporated. You must be the director or majority shareholder of your osteopathic clinic. The clinic must be less than 3 years old and you must be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident.